Black Gold: Stories of Urban Farming, Gardening & Beyond

Operation Rebel Community Radio is an initiative of Know Allegiance Nation, that highlights social justice movements in Detroit and beyond, curates revolutionary music and  archives the voices of Detroiters by Detroiters. The first new program on #OperationRebel is Black Gold: Stories of Urban Farming, Gardening & Beyond.

Black Gold: A rich, nutrient dense, dark soil mixture composed of broken down organic matter that fertilizes the soil.

The name Black Gold was chosen for the show because it showcases stories and people that are essential to the organic makeup of the Urban Agriculture community in Detroit.

This week’s episode of Black Gold focuses on Soil as Medicine. Lottie Spady, Kwamena Mensah And Olivia Vigiletti share stories of healing through gardening and the importance of connecting to the 🌎. We also have community announcements and a featured business of the week!

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Photos by Model D and Jamii Tata

Join us today at 7 pm (every Wednesday) and every Sunday at 3 EST at or via facebook live at

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