Economic Democracy Game Night & Potluck Wed 4/18 6-8:30p

​Please share with your networks, members, friends, and family. Next Wednesday Detroit Coalition for Economic Democracy is hosting it’s first Potluck of the year following a powerful fall education series of potlucks and events.

Location: 21 Highland St.

Highland Park, MI 48203

Wed. 4/18 6-8:30pm

We will continue to explore what economic Democracy looks like through:

  • A Community Ownership Discussion (Bring Your Ideas)
  • Food & Fellowship (Bring a Dish)
  • Games of Rise-Up & Co-opoly (Bring friends)

More on the Games:

Both games involve group creativity, decision making, story telling and unity: We Win or Lose Together!

Rise up: Game of People & Power!

Create solutions to your community needs and/or challenges. Tell your story in New ways.

Co-opoly: Game of Co-operatives!

Create a co-op to address a need. Build, Learn, & face challenges together.

Please email B. Anthony Holley with any questions at:

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