MCSC Community Resilience Fellows – Summer Internship

MCSC Community Resilience Fellows

The Michigan Community Service Commission, the state’s lead agency on volunteerism, is seeking individuals for a Volunteerism Summer Associatethrough the AmeriCorps Volunteers In Service to America (VISTA) Summer Associates program. Living allowance of $513 bi-weekly and upon successful completion an Education Award of $1,311.11 in college funding or minimum cash stipend of $276.

Fellows will be able to select one or all of the focus activities below that match their interest and skills for career development.

Support Nonprofit Capacity

· Identify nonprofits that engage volunteers and receive donations to enter in online platform

· Assist with telling nonprofits story of impact

· Share the message of the Nonprofit Guide to assist individuals and organizations on their service journey

· Assist with launching a skills-based volunteer platform and Board Connect platform

· Support Equity and Social Justice work throughout the state

Engage Youth in Volunteerism

¡ Support schools and youth to utilize volunteer platform InnerView

¡ Develop marketing materials and outreach communication

¡ Assist with implementing the youth volunteerism awards

Developing Training and Technical Assistance

¡ Assist with developing appealing videos and webinars to engage learners

¡ Support the development of super conference to be executed in fall 2021

¡ Assist with implementing Learning Management System platform to track trainings and assessment of learning


See full position description and posting here: MCSC Community Fellows.

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