Bikes Barrels & Books Writing & History Workshop Series

To support the festivities of the Fair, we are hosting a number of workshops, volunteer opportunities and events in preparation. One of those events is a series of writing workshops to create opportunities for people to learn about the Black & Jewish history of the North End and also write poems inspired by and/or simply write poems in spaces that served  as a home for both populations in the neighborhood.

The first writing workshop will be held at The Schvitz located at 8295 Oakland from 6-8pm on Monday, June 17th. The workshop will be lead by writer and poetry instructor Devin Samuels. The writing that comes out of the workshops will inspire art on rain barrels and the poems that are created through the sessions will also find their way on rain barrels. Shout out to Asylum Arts for making these workshops possible as a sponsor of Bikes Barrels & Books 2019.

To RSVP, please click here: .

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